For the last two and a half weeks, we've been living away from home as our house becomes the construction site for our new bathroom and the remodel of our existing bathroom.  Progress has been steady to date and this week will hopefully yield a number of inspector sign-offs on our rough plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems.  The work of finding space within our existing house footprint for a second bathroom took a while to develop, but with a little creativity and about two years of thinking and saving we will go from a three-bedroom, one bath to a three-bedroom, two bath house.  

The work to be completed includes remodeling our existing bathroom as well as moving a living room wall and reconfiguring closet, utility and laundry spaces to create space for a new master bathroom.

At the outset of our work, aesbestos testing was performed and a small amount was found to exist in the joint compound sealing between the sheets of original 1955 drywall.  Federal regulations call for abatement to be employed anytime more than 1% of the content of a material contains aesbestos - the joint compound contained 4%.  For a week or so, our house was quarantined as if E.T. had been found inside.  A nice related benefit of this issue was that most of the demolition work had to be done in a very tidy way saving our stuff from lots of dust.

And, here's what it looked like when the plastic was gone:

Demo completed shortly after and new framing was up in a day:

Most recent changes have been at a smaller, but no less important scale with plumbing, electrical and mechanical getting roughed in and construction of the new barn doors that will provide enclosure for the master bedroom and bath is moving along as well.