It's been a while since my last blog post and the last update on the ongoing bathroom renovations at our house.  After wrestling with city inspectors and a slipping schedule, we're at week 10 of our 4-6 week project.  At the time of my last post, we were wrapping up our rough-in work and associated inspections.  Now, we're pushing to get our plumbing fixtures installed and the finishes are all in.  Sadie and I have been living back at the house for two weeks now without a working bathroom, but we've been making it work with ourselves and our belongings crammed into one bedroom - a little like living in a really cramped dorm room.

Once we had our plumbing, electrical, hvac and framing signed off on, our only remaining inspection was for insulation.  Insulation was added at exterior walls and around plumbing in the existing bathroom and at the wall between the new bathroom and the living room for sound attenuation.

After some internal debate about whether I should keep referring to the gypsum wallboard as drywall, the drywall was installed along with densglass at areas where tile would go.  In the existing bath, one of the original wall niches that had been previously covered has been retained as a nod to the original design.  Pretty much all of our stuff has at least some drywall dust on it now.

After getting the drywall screw pattern inspected and approved, the drywall was taped and joint compound was applied to the walls. 

While we hired a contractor to carry out the bulk of the work, I took on the execution of all of the custom millwork features including a pair of barn doors for our bedroom and bathroom.  Fortunately, we stayed for the first month of construction at by buddy Rob's house and his shop came in very handy.  The barn doors are constructed of 1/2" bettlekill pine plywood.  To create a header for the rail that the doors would slide on, I unearthed one of the timber girders that provide essential lateral support for our post and beam constructed home and mounted an additional 2x8.  I also wired a new overhead light. Since I was already making a mess, I figured what the heck... I still need to mount the doors and the rail - hopefully, I don't mess that up.

Tile went in next...

And then the grout - which was a real sticking point with my client (Sadie). Finding a grout that was the right shade of light grey took some looking, but I think we made a good choice.  This is also the time where I contributed yet another piece of millwork detail, building solid hickory shelves for the niche at the master bathroom shower.  Because we have a return air duct coming into the wall from the hallway, we had to work around it and it created a great opportunity for a small bench in the shower and the shelves outside.  

This is where the project stands now.  Painting is complete and the vanities have been hung - could it be possible that an end is in sight?  I don't want to jinx anything, but maybe.